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Deciding on the best plan for a lawsuit recovery can quickly become overwhelming.  At The James Street Group, LLC we understand the challenges, decisions, and requirements involved in the settlement process and are here to help guide the claimant to the best solution for his or her situation.  Whether the claimant requires a Special Needs Trust, Court Created Trust, Settlement Trust, or has other settlement planning needs, we can customize a settlement solution that solves the claimant's specific needs.  We’ve built a first-class team of settlement professionals to help the claimant and his or her family use their recovery to realize fiscal health, peace of mind, and a better quality of life.  Our industry experts have prior experience working at national banks, brokerage houses, structured settlement companies, pooled special needs trusts, law firms, as well as other trust firms.  We strive to offer maximum flexibility, tailoring an assortment of options in order to meet the claimant's specific needs.  Unlike large bank divisions or corporate conglomerates, we function as an independent, objective company, partnering with well-known financial institutions and trust companies to offer a broad range of services. 
Our clients will benefit from our:
- Competitively priced plans
- Breadth of legal expertise in special needs trusts, court created trusts, and settlement trusts
- Exclusive affiliations with reputable financial institutions who provide customized wealth management solutions
- Budget development services
- Relationships with medical professionals
- National network of settlement consultants and estate planners that we coordinate with in establishing settlement plans
Getting Personal
We don’t just manage accounts, we build strong, long-lasting relationships.  As a full-service trust administration company, we’re here to provide our clients with personalized, proactive guidance before, during, and after the settlement process.  We take the time to evaluate the claimant's situation, understand his or her goals and challenges, and craft a customized plan to ensure the claimant and his or her family’s security.
Easing the Burden
The James Street Group, LLC will work with our clients by developing a comprehensive plan tailored to meet each of their specific needs.  Our clients and their families will be relieved of the numerous administrative responsibilities and constantly changing requirements involved with their case.  Additionally, The James Street Group, LLC is transparent in that it will provide its clients with detailed account statements and tax summaries, so they can rest assured their trust is being properly managed.

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